Slip-N-Slide 1.0.0 Free download

Slip-N-Slide 1.0.0

  • Publisher:Intelligent Devices
  • Version:1.0.0
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:Trial
  • File Size:9.9 MB

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Slip-N-Slide 1.0.0Description

A unique frequency domain audio morpher/mangler
Slip-N-Slide is actually composed of several different frequency domain effects, each with a significant amount of control over the effected as well as uneffected portions of the sound and each affording either a little or a lot of “ra n do m n e s s .”With Slip-N-Slide you will be able to easily create almost anything from temporally rigid, shimmering, spectral tremolos to slurred speech, to quirky, reverse-gate sounding effects, to new ambiances to continuously new rhythmic and sonic artifact riddled The combination of spectral processing with controllable randomization is very powerful.

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